Thursday, May 27, 2010


The LOVELY Prissy and Preppy Flamingo gave me this fab award! She has SUCH a cute blog, is a Lilly LOVER, is very relatable, and leaves the sweetest comments! So THANK YOU, mFw! :)

For this award, say where you want to see yourself in 10 years and then pass it on to fellow bloggers!

In ten years, I will be almost 28! (soo weird to think about!!) I can see myself working in a hospital as a PA (hopefully at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC! This hospital means a lot to me because I had a knee surgery there a few months ago...I have had knee problems for years and after a failed knee surgery a few years ago, I think this one finally did the trick!) I also hope I am settling down or just married with aanywhere in between 3-6 kids! I'm sure I will still be living in the tri-state area!

What about you lovely ladies? :)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Good morning! I am currently sitting in math class bored to death. This is already such a long week but I am looking forward to this weekend..Memorial Day Weekend!!!! I also can't stop thinking about how badly I need to go shopping..ASAP! A few weeks ago my FAVORITE Kate Spade tortoise shell sunglasses got lost/stolen :( So I need to head over to Lord and Taylor today and purchase either some new Kate Spade ones.. or Ray Bans! I think good sunglasses are so extremely essential to any outfit- any day! Also, I need to purchase a new Longchamp bag. I love Longchamps but the only one I have is the smallest size. I am going to France in about three weeks and I think Longchamps are soo practical- especially for travel! Just the fact that they fold up is amazing! It's just a matter of time before I am HERE...

Ahhh! So excited! Did I mention I am going with about 6 of my closest friends? :) I wish I could pack Jeanne in my suitcase... I just got used to having her back for the summer and it's going to be sad leaving her! But I arrive back home on her birthday :)

Does anyone have any packing tips??? :) XOXOXO

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi! I'm sorry I have not been blogging for so long because it is the end of the year and I feel like I am writing a paper a day and constantly studying! Also, all the girls are home from school now so we have been inseparable! Recap: The wedding in Boston was great! Great to see the bride and groom so happy, my family together, etc! Here are some pictures :)

The four cousins! Don't we look like we could all be sisters? :)

Me and Jeanne with our little clone Gracie!! She is the sweetest thing alive!

Off to studying... wish me luck!!! XOXOXO