Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Friday!!!

Even though I just started my own blog, I have been reading others for months now! I have seen Hopsy's "WASP Wednesdays" and my own sister's "Music Mondays", so I figured I would start my own themed day! This is the first (weekly) Photo Friday!! I have decided to post a picture and tell the story behind it! So for the FIRST Photo Friday, I have chosen this picture...

[Me, Jillian, Jeanne, Sara, and Kirsten!]
This is us last summer celebrating Sara's 19th Birthday!! I absolutely love getting dolled up and going out to eat- and this was one of those nights- full of great outfits, great food, and great company!!! Growing up, I was so lucky to be surrounded by a great sister and her wonderful, loyal group of friends. Now I am blessed enough to have a great group of friends my own age, and ALSO an amazing sister (slash best friend!) and all of her best friends, who in turn are also extremely close friends of mine as well! So thanks to you girls for being great friends! XOXOXO


  1. That's an adorable picture! Love your idea for Photo Friday!

  2. I've tagged you a socialite on my blog!