Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi! I have been a terrible blogger lately! I have been so busy with Easter, spending time with everyone while they were home for break, and resting! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and was able to spend time with loved ones and eat more chocolate than necessary. I know I did :)
The weather is beautiful here- I was finally able to go to the gym this morning after being on bed rest with mono for two weeks. It was great to be working out again... even if I did ruin it right after by indulging in a bagel from our town's BEST breakfast place- Bagel Chateau (it's one of those places where the workers are constantly singing and know me and Jeanne's orders by heart). I am oh so happy to be feeling better after being sick!
My entire family was together this Easter and I was very thankful for that! Everyone is usually so busy that it is hard to get all six of us together at one time! In addition to the family, we had many, many visitors- as always. Our home is the place where all of our friends flock to during summer and over breaks. I am so happy our home is the usual meeting place. With my mother always whipping us up something to eat, Bruce flowing through the iPod speakers, and friends joined together for great conversation and laughter, I am blessed to be a part of it all!!

Jeanne and I after Easter Mass

Sisters & Best Friends!

I hope everyone's holiday was as wonderful as mine!!


  1. Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Glad you are on the mend honey, and you and sweet Jeanne look GORGEOUS in your happy Lilly's! Seriously, so pretty :) XOXO