Sunday, April 18, 2010

In advance...

I will be attending my aunt's wedding in Beautiful Boston in a few weeks- so it is the perfect time to find the perfect dress for the occasion! The wedding is at the Beautiful Endicott Estate in beautiful Dedham, MA.

I am beyond excited to watch my aunt and her fiance have their beautiful day together!

Now, for a dress... my first instinct was a Lilly dress, but then I realized it is an evening reception. I am now considering these:

J.Crew Blakely Dress

I love this J.Crew silk taffeta bow monde dress, but I am not sure if the color (which I ADORE) is appropriate for an evening reception? What do you think? (comments appreciated on this!!!) I think it is a good color for me, but at this point in my life I have not even found out what "my colors" are! I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and slightly fair skin which gets a "light tan" in the spring/summer. (some freckles, too!). Is anyone good with figuring out good colors for certain complexions etc?

This J.Crew Waterfloral pastiche Taryn dress is beautiful, but again.. I'm not sure if it is event- appropriate.

If anyone has any advice/comments/opinions, etc. regarding dresses or colors that may be flattering for my blonde hair/blue eyes/(will be)light tan, blah blah blah, please let me know! Also I am about 5'4" and a size 4. (I think all 3 of these dresses are somewhat flattering on my body type- I hope!)

Thank you oh so much! XOXOXO


  1. You're so cute, I wish I could go shopping with you! I have to tell you honestly, the first dress "Blakely" really caught my eye - and I think that color (caspian blue) is so elegant for evening. What a gorgeous reception venue! I think the strapless is very youthful and fun, and that shade of blue is so pretty too, so hard to choose! Of the three I like the two taffeta choices best, especially for evening, very sophisticated. Can't wait to see what you end up with!! :)

  2. I think the second one would work for whatever you wear it for! I love it! Also, I have no clue how to tell what people's colors are. I say if it looks good, then you're fine!

  3. LOVE LOVE the Blakely dress in Caspian blue, but it's not shipping until after the wedding! Some of the other colors might be shipping before it but I'm not sure. It's TOO cute!!!

  4. All of those dresses are adorable and perfect for a spring wedding! BTW, the Endicott is gorgeous - you will have a wonderful time! :)