Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I realized today that I never made a New Years resolution- Usually it would have been the generic "diet and exercise" resolution that we have all tried! However, I was recovering from a knee surgery I had done two weeks prior to the new year, so I did not have the chance to do that. Today I decided I do not need a holiday and new year to follow a resolution- and I decided to start now on this beautiful day!! Here is what I am working on doing this Spring...

1. Wake up earlier! When I am fortunate enough to not have a reason to wake up early (most Saturdays, breaks from school, summer) I usually sleep in to get some extra rest, and I start my day later. However, I find that when I wake up early to work out or even meet a friend for breakfast, I get so much more done and feel better throughout the day!! It also ensures that I sleep better at night! With the beautiful weather I can not resist waking up early and making the most out of EVERY single day.
2. Get creative! Whether it is hanging up pictures in my room, making little gift baskets for friends for holidays and special occasions, or painting, I always feel great after doing something artsy! I am not overly artsy at all, but I get so much enjoyment out of it!
3. Work out because I want to, not because I have to! When I think of working out, I usually just hit up the gym for a few hours and do all sorts of machines. However, I am just seeing how easy it is to work out and have soo much fun while doing it. Whether it be taking a walk with a friend (there is always something to chat about), or playing some pick-up basketball with my brother, I can always count on getting a good workout in the company of others WHILE having fun! Working out should be a treat, not a chore!
4. Getting in touch with family and friends who now live far away. While facebook is so easy and convenient, there is true beauty in hand-written letters. I vow to write more letters (how can you resist when there is soo much cute stationary out there!?).

Does anyone have any Spring Resolution?!


  1. So great, love it. Except that you are artistic! If you really think you are not, I'm going to have to do a whole post about the fan. You could put that in a museum! And the tri-panel piece. You should post that!

  2. Waking up earlier is one of my resolutions too! I wake up at the last possible minute and always have to rush around like a mad woman to get to work remotely on time... not a great way to start the day. The trouble is, I hate going to bed early so waking up early is hard!

  3. Love your resolutions! I have to get up early for class, and its fabulous. I dropped a class earlier in the semester, so some days I only have one class at 8 and I'm done for the day. I have tons of time and get tons done. I also need to get back on the work out train, just so I'm healthier and feel more active.