Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend! I am oh so tired- I have just gotten back from leading a Catholic retreat this weekend for my parish. I got very little sleep and was running all over the place all weekend. Did anyone do anything fun this weekend?! XOXOXO


  1. Hey Maggie! Hope you had a blast at your retreat! I did two weekend retreats in high school and they were such fun times. Did y'all do palanca letters by any chance? I remember on one retreat the boys actually took a mattress and went "mattress sailing" down a side stairwell. So funny. I have great memories. Hope you had fun and enjoyed yourself! XOXO

  2. We did lots of retreats through my high school! That's so nice you were leading it! I'm sure you're dead tired. After my Kairos retreat, I had to fake sick so I didn't have to go to golf practice (which was immediately after we got back) because I think I may have fallen over from exhaustion with a club in my hand if I actually went. Have a great week!